Aug 27, 2015 · If your know your lug size, but do not have an owners manual, you can check our lug nut torque chart for the proper torque setting. One thing to keep in mind, do not over torque those lug nuts. Make sure you know the proper torque spec for your vehicle as over-torqued lug nuts can shear off and could cause you to lose control of the Jeep.
A420 - Axle Nut Socket - 30MM X 6 PT. Request More Info. A421 - Axle Nut Socket - 30MM X 12 PT. Request More Info. A422 - Axle Nut Socket - 32MM X 6 PT. Request More Info. A423 - Axle Nut Socket - 32MM X 12 PT.
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Check Out the MSR Size Chart - Free Shipping, No Hassle Returns and the Lowest Prices - Guaranteed. Suspension & Frame. Shocks. Wheel & Axle. Windshields & Windscreens. CLOSEOUTS. MSR Size Chart. MSR Helmet Sizing. View all MSR.

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Heavy Hex Nut Dimensions; Hot Dipped Galvanizing; Imperial to Metric Conversions; Metric to Imperial Conversions; Metric Hex Bolt Dimensions; Metric Thread Pitch Chart; Nut Compatibility Chart; Nut Weight Chart; Standard Thread Pitch Chart; Socket Head Cap Screw Dimensions; Torque Charts; Close; Careers – Openings; Contact – get in touch ...

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Align the spindle nut socket up with the axle nut you wish to remove. Turn the axle nut counterclockwise to remove it from the axle. There may be over 150 foot-pounds of torque on your spindle nut if it is a factory set nut. Do not stand on the breaker bar to apply pressure.

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Axle Nut Socket, 34mm Size, Chromoly, Black Oxide, 1/2 in. Drive, Steel, Black, 39mm Socket Size, 12-point, Each.

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I have to pull the Pitman Arm off of my rig, and I can't figure out what size the nut is. 1-1/4" is too small, and I just bought a 1-5/16", and it is just slightly too large. This leads me to think it is metric, but would be surprising for the steering gear. Any takers, for a guy trying to...

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By hand, you can't even screw in a 10mm bolt. You need proper tools and creative tools. I have recently removed the front axle nut 9th gen, 36mm, and it wasn't that hard at all vs the crank bolt on v6; and my weight is around 190lbs. So, I believe it is 181 ft lbs.

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Sizes included 1/8W, 3/16W, 5/16W, 3/8W, 7/16W, 1/2W, 9/16W. Size 1/4W not included as it is no longer available from Samstag Sales. Buy this tool for the special price of only $99.99 $79.99

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I have no problem doing the decimal conversion from metric socket sizes and from SAE socket sizes. What I do nnot havce is on hand experience to try... 1 1/4 might fit a 32mm Harley axle, but don't always count on it. If you are planning on working on a friends bike and figure you can save some...

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Spring To Axle U-Bolt Nuts : Leaf Spring -Front Bushing Bolt-Rear Shackle Bolt . 110. 110: Shock Absorber -Upper Attachment-Lower Attachment . 150. 110: Propeller Shaft (Driveshaft) To Rear Axle (Strap) To Rear Axle (U-Bolt) Bearing Support To Hanger. Hanger To Frame . 12 - 17. 18 - 22. 20 - 30. 40 - 50: Rear Stabilizer Anchor Plate: 20 - 30

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Could someone confirm what size socket the 1st gen Pilot spindle nut takes for those who need to change out axles. I've been searching the threads for what I thought would be an easy find, but no luck. Update: 24mm - Thanks Whizmo

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1. Is that nut reverse threaded? Or just typical left hand turn to loosen? 2. Any trick to keeping the other wheel from turning when I crank on the axle nut? I'm using a 1/2" breaker bar with 30mm socket and getting nowhere. I've got a jackstand under the side I'm working on, and pretty much everytime I crank on the nut the opposite wheel turns ...

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Aug 09, 2014 · If I remember correctly it is a 36mm socket for the axle nut. If you rent an axle nut socket set from a local auto parts store it should contain the size you need.

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There was even a 16mm fitting nut on the Mazda. Don’t forget 30mm and larger for various axle nuts. Occasionally a 24mm size comes up for chassis/suspension work. I’ve run across a 26mm nut on a Nissan truck front axle and a 27mm for older Nissan crankshaft bolts and other applications (Toyota EGR tube nut).

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Spindle/Axle Nut Socket Application Guide Spindle-Axle Nut Socket 3/12/08 10:02 AM Page 1. HYUNDAI (cont.) SCOUPE CTA NO. 91 - 95 Front 32mm A422 91 - 95 Rear 30mm A420

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just a tip but you dont need to take the axle nut off to replace the u-joints. just pull the 3 bolts on the back of the hub and replace the u joints with the hub on, its a little heavier, but it saves you a stub shaft. and im speaking from experience. 300 mm. Thread Size. #8-32. ABN Axle Nut Socket, 32mm, 1/2in Drive, 6 Point - Universal for All Vehicle 6pt Installation, Removal, Repair.

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Front Axle — Type : Twin-forged Upper SLA Coil Spring IFS Twin-forged Upper SLA Torsion Bar IFS — Capacity (Rating @ Ground) 3450 lbs. 3900 lbs. Center Disconnect: Rear Axle — Type : Semi-floating, Ford — Capacity (Rating @ Ground) 3800 lbs. 4200 lbs. 3800 lbs. 4200 lbs. I am working on the 5 lug swap and brakes on my 93 240sx hatchback and I do not have a large enough socket to remove the large nut that hols the hub onto the car. I have searched around for about an hour, but havent been able to find the size of the socket required for this nut anywhere.

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Nov 01, 2004 · what mm is the nut on the rear axle of a yz125? I got a 2000 yz125 and dont have a large enough socket to fit the bolt that holds the axle on..what MM is the nut that is on the end of the rear axle??..thanks..(for example I guess its around a 22mm socket that fits it not sure tho) Sep 11, 2014 · Torque specs for front AXLE NUT. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. C. countermeasures · Registered. Joined Sep 11, 2014 · 3 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 ... Axle Nut - 132 ft lbs Beginning Torque, Then Rotate 5 to 10 ~ Times With a Final Torque of 263 ft lbs Feb 26, 2015 at 2:41 PM #3. Martinezcorrea Junior Member.

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Apr 04, 2008 · if you don't have air tools, a 3/4" socket set is the proper tool for this job. i've seen three 1/2" socket wrenches and a breaker bar shatter on axle nuts. finally upgraded to 3/4", much nicer not breaking tools.

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required. Car/Model Torque in Nm Steel rim Alloy rim ** Alfa Romeo Mito, Giulietta 90 120 147, 156, 166, Spider / GTV R 2006 100 100 159, Brera / Spider 120 120

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I have a 99 Durango (2 wheel drive) that has a bad front wheel bearring. I was going to remove it this afternoon but none of the sockets I have are large enought to fit the nut on the spindle. Does anyone know what size it takes? I'd hate to have to buy a whole set of oversized sockets when I'm...

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36.35 USD. For removing front wheel drive axle nuts. Impact rated 6-point chrome vanadium sockets. Socket sizes cover most applications. Includes 30 mm, 32 mm, 34 mm and 36 mm sockets. Any automotive specialty tool will help make an automotive repair or maintenance task easier...result in improper lug-nut torque. Do not lubricate the lug nuts or stud threads. Run all lugs up fully before tightening. Tighten all lug nuts using a criss-cross pattern to assure the even distribution of pressure while tightening the lug nuts. TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS LUG NUT SIZE 3/8" 7/16" 1/2" 12mm 14mm TORQUE/ FT. LBS. 45 60 75 70 85 The OEMTOOLS 9 Piece Axle Nut Socket Set is used for removing front wheel drive axle nuts. Features chrome moly steel construction for strength and durability and is impact rated. - Includes: 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, and 38 mm - Chrome Vanadi..

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Torque specs Front axle nut (half shaft nut). I looked at post on this forum, and some people writing different torques. Im looking for the torque specs of the Front axle nut (half shaft nut), not to confuse with the 5 lug nuts to put your wheel on. I see posts coming by, with torques of 100 Ft. Lbs for this bolt. Hello Everyone: I need to purchase a wheel bearing greaser tool for my 2018 Can Am defender HD-10. Looking for the model that you can grease bearings without removing axles . What tool would be the best too get. Also what is the torque on axle nuts. Thank You kenner *ATV axle wrenches are made to fit large OEM stock axle nuts. *Made from hardened steel with laser etched logo and size. *Compact design for easy storage. *Will work with both 3/8' and 1/2' ratchets for extra leverage. *A 'must have' for ATV owners.

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Here is the wrench you'll need for the axle nuts. Remove the 8 bolts that hold the axle with a 3/4 socket, then carefully remove the axle. It has a gasket on it that you don't want to tear. Here is the hub after the removal of the axle. Remove the caliper. It took an 18mm socket. Leave the brake line attached. Remove the rotor. It just pulls off. Wheel & Axle. Consists of a wheel attached to a smaller axle, so that when you rotate the wheel, the force is transferred to the axle, and vice versa. You can change the mechanical advantage by changing the size of the wheel. Pulley. Supports movements by changing the direction of a cable wrapped around a Wheel on an Axle.

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Nov 10, 2010 · axle nut size????? Posted by sledge42hammer, Nov 10, 2010. ... Anyone know the socket size for a 1st gen fwd or are they the same? Apr 17, 2018 #12. What Is The Size Of The Front Axle Nut On A 1996 Buick Regal Asked on Aug 15 I think the drivers side axle is broken and I need to buy a socket to fit. ... Dec 30, 2012 · 1. Using a 19mm socket, crack the lug nuts loose but do not remove on the wheel of which you will need to remove. Place a jack under the base of your front axle's control arm and raise it up until the wheel slightly off the ground. 2. Remove the lug nuts and then the wheel and set it under the frame rail of your Jeep for safety. 3.

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Socket Size: 36 mm: 34 mm: 36 mm: 33 mm: Socket Depth: Deep: Deep: Deep: Deep: Number of Pieces: 1: 1: 1: 1: Socket Type: Impact Socket: Impact Socket: Hex: Impact Socket: Hand Tool Type: Individual Socket: Individual Socket: Individual Socket: Individual Socket: View Product: View Product: View Product: View Product Jul 20, 2019 · What is the size of the axle nut on the Dexter 7,000# axles? This is the nut that holds the drum or disk on the axle. Not the the lug nuts. I want to pick up a socket for when I repack my bearings this weekend. The book says to torque to 50'#, then back off and simply bring it to finger tight. Mar 21, 2018 · Tighten the axle nut with a socket and torque wrench; torque the axle nut between 15 to 20-ft pounds of torque to preload the axle bearings. Rotate the hub eight to 10 revolutions by hand to fully ...

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1/2 in. Drive Front Wheel Drive Axle Lock-Nut Socket Set, 7 Pc. 1/2 in. Drive Front Wheel Drive Axle Lock-Nut Socket Set, 7 Pc. $ 49 99. Compare to. K Tool KTI71920 ... Dec 18, 2010 · Compliments of "a member on another forum", Sorted by rear and front then size. Just find yours and you can see what else shares the same size for a swapping donor. Jap Bike Rear Axle Diameters 15mm Honda CB250 Nighthawk 91-92, CM250 Custom 82-84, CMX250 85-86 & 96-97 Rebel (right), CX500... Service and access front wheel nuts with these lock-nut axle sockets! Perfect for heavy duty use Can be used with a breaker bar, ratchet, torque wrench, or impact wrench Includes a convenient case for easy.nuts and wheel. Remove the hub bolts from the steering knuckle. Remove axle nut, using an axle nut socket. (An impact wrench is not recommended.) Socket size can range from 30mm to 36mm. Using a pry bar between the module and knuckle, carefully separate the module from the knuckle. Remove and support the brake caliper. Make certain it is

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Sep 16, 2006 · What size is the axle nut on the end of the axle shaft? I've got to take it off and don't have a socket that is quite big enough. Do you have to peel off the metal retainer that is wrapped around it or does that come off with the nut? Let me know. I'm on jackstands and need to go buy a socket for this. 1973-79 Full Size Truck/Bronco; ... Dana 30 Front axle Dana 44 Front axle 1966-79 Bronco ... D44 Spindle Nut Socket, 2 1/4" New What size socket do I need for the front axle nut on a 1995 Toyota Camry 3 Answers. I have to change the CV joint (1/2 shaft on my 1995 Camry and I don't remember the socket size or the torque spec for the axle nut. Lightweight aluminum hex nuts. The winters 3" live axle uses 2-1/2" threads for axle nuts. Aluminum Hex Axle Nut, 2-1/2 Inch RH made by Speedway Motors, for as low as $19.99. Order ships free when this item is included and exceeds $99.

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21mm socket for caliper bracket bolts 32mm socket for axle nut 15mm open end wrench for hub mounting bolts (I couldn't get socket to fit) 10mm socket or wrench for shield behind rotor/hub ***gear puller*** Wasn't a problem getting the axle nut off with a 18" breaker bar, but the bearing had practically welded itself on there.
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